Race Sponsorship

Definition of branding & sponsorship

Branding & Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more organizations. One provides funds and/or resources, and in return get significant benefits and perks; the other provides a venue and event which will attract a large audience, and prove attractive to the sponsor's target audience.

Benefits of branding through sponsorship

Sponsorship is far more than just advertising; it is an intensive marketing effort that greatly increases your brand identity, and gives an opportunity for direct interaction with your target audience. It brings far greater rewards than "traditional" forms of advertising; but also requires time and effort for planning and implementing the best strategies. By sponsoring ZIC events, your brand will become synonymous with passion, excitement, thrills, and the most modern technological developments.

What can you get from sponsoring ZIC events?


  • More than ½ of your sponsorship investment will be recovered in equivalent media value (working with world leader in Sports Sponsorship Evaluation, TNS Sport)
  • Interact with new potential customers at each event: 50% of the spectators are first time visitors
  • Target a population in China with higher education, large proportion of wealthy teenagers and young adults
  • Strengthen your brand: a world wide survey on sponsorship reports that 67% of the interviewees believe that sponsorship promotes a good image for the sponsor and its products or services
  • Promote your brand in the Pan Pearl River Delta Region and/or China nationwide and/or Asia wide and/or Internationally depending on your sponsorship involvement
  • Work with a team of event, sponsorship and racing experts in China who will recommend you the best strategy to promote your brand and increase sales
  • Choose from a clear and simple package selection or let us customize an offer that matches your exact needs

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