Zhuhai Motorsports Association

Introduction of Zhuhai Motorsports Association (ZMA) 

Zhuhai Motorsports Association was established in October 1999. ZMA is registered under Zhuhai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and governed by the Zhuhai Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau. Zhuhai Automobile and Motorsports Association is a member of the China Automobile and Motorsports Federation and the Guangdong Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

The purpose of ZMA is to comply with the laws, regulations and policies of the country, to practice the socialist core values, to abide by the social morality, to cultivate patriotism and to promote the continuous development of automobile and motorcycle sports in Zhuhai. 

The scope of functions of the ZMA includes organizing amateur racing drivers and riders, coaches and mechanics and track marshals, setting up technical training and exchange activities. On top of that, ZMA also cooperates with race promoters to organize international and national race events, to recruit more members as well as to develop race management talents.

Since its establishment, ZMA had successfully organized international and national races through its partnerships with Zhuhai International Circuit and other promoters. This has greatly promoted the development of Zhuhai's economy and also contributed to the China motorsports development.

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