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Zhuhai International Circuit is the first permanent racing Circuit built in China. It was completed in November 1996, at the time of its completion, it also held its first international event, the BPR Global GT Series.

ZIC is an FIA (International Automobile Federation) approved, 4.3 km long Grade 2 circuit. The high international standards of Zhuhai International Circuit allows it to become the home of Chinese motorsports. ZIC was designed using a major design consultancy in Australia, including Kinhill Engineering (now known as Halliburton KBR). In 1999, the famous F1 track designer Hermann Tilke GmbH upgraded the track facilities.

ZIC provides spectacular and world-class racing. There are plenty of driver overtaking opportunities through a series of challenging corners. The clockwise circuit has four left turns, ten right turns and two straights of 900 metres and 500 metres respectively.

ZIC is designed to FIA Formula One (F1) and FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) specifications. A fast corner leads car and motorcycles into the 900 metre straight immediately, allowing cars to reach the maximum speed of over 300 km / h. The average track width is 12 meters, while the start/finish straight is 14 meters wide.

Since its inception, ZIC has held numerous international race events, including BPR Global GT Series, FIA GT Championship, A1 Grand Prix and Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

In 2005, ZIC Motorsports decided to bring together several disparate championship races taking place at Zhuhai International Circuit under a single banner, with the aim of creating a fun-filled and exciting ZIC Motorsports event that the masses in China could identify with.

This event would also serve as a vehicle for the rich motor racing culture of the delta region, particularly in Macau and Hong Kong, to spread to the rest of the mainland. Thus the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival was born. Pan Delta Super Racing Festival is held 3 times a year from March to September.

In the past 14 years, Pan Delta has amassed huge popularity among drivers, riders and fans with its exciting races, fan friendly approach and festive commercial activities.

According to statistics calculated over the past 14 years, over 5,000 drivers/riders have taken part and 1,000,000 fans have attended the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. In 2019, many heavy weight race series and star drivers/riders are joining up with Pan Delta, taking the race event to a new high in popularity.