2014 Circuit Hero One Supplementary Regulations

2014 Circuit Hero One Supplementary Regulations


Circuit Hero One


The events will be organized in accordance with the following:

  • The Zhuhai Motorsports Association Sporting Regulations
  • The Technical Regulations governing the series.
  • This Supplementary Regulations
  • The FIA International Sporting Code
  • The National Competition Regulations issued by the FASC


An event open to saloon/GT cars categorized into different classes. Points are available for scoring after each race which counts towards the series standings.

3.1 Event Dates:

Race 1&2: Zhuhai March 22-23
Race 3&4: Zhuhai June 14-15
Race 5&6: Zhuhai September 20-21

3.2 Characteristics of the Event: Each event shall normally be comprised of the following sessions:

  • One practice session with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.
  • One qualifying session with a minimum duration of 20 minutes.
  • Two 10 lap races with a maximum duration of 30 minutes each.

3.3 Race Start Method: Standing start


4.1 Completely filled-in entry forms, including payment of relevant fees must be submitted at least ten days prior to the start of the event. Entry forms must include a photo of the driver and its allocation of four team crew for race pass preparation. No passes will be released without the photograph of the intended passholder.

4.2 The entry fee is RMB5,000 per event, RMB12,000 for the full season of three events. Entry fees are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

4.3 Entry forms must be submitted to:
The Race Secretariat
c/o the Race and Team Relations Department
Zhuhai International Circuit
Jinding, Zhuhai, Guangdong province.
Tel: +86 – 756 - 3383228
Fax: +86 – 756 - 3383668


5.1 Classes

CH1 A: Open Class
CH1 B: Over 3,000cc with a Minimum Weight of 1,300kg.
CH1 C: Up to 2,000cc
CH1 D: GT Cars, as accepted by the Race Committee
CH1 E: non-mass produced vehicles

The Race Committee will accept non-mass produced vehicles and will introduce categories according to the number of entries received.

5.2 The capacity of turbo/supercharged engines shall be computed by a factor of x 1.7

5.3 The race committee reserves the absolute right to:

5.3.1 Accept/refuse an entry
5.3.2 Reclassify a car in the interest of competition


6.1 Race Trophies: Trophies will be presented to the winners at a podium ceremony right after the end of each race.

6.1.1 The top three finishers of each class will be presented trophies where entries are 4 or more.
6.1.2 The first finisher of a class will be presented a trophy where entries are less than 3.
6.1.3 No trophies shall be awarded when a class has only 1 entry. The class will be dissolved for the event and the entry will be upgraded to the next higher class.
6.2 Point Scoring: Each race will have the following points available to the top 8 finishers for scoring:

1st: 10 points 4th: 5 points 7th: 2 points
2nd: 8 points 5th: 4 points 8th: 1 point
3rd: 6 points 6th: 3 points  

6.3 At the end of the series, the top three drivers of each class accumulating the highest number of points shall be awarded the series class trophy.


All advertising must comply with the FIA International Sporting Code and with any laws that apply within the People’s Republic of China.

7.1 All cars will be required to carry the organizer’s advertising. Spaces reserved for the organizer are as follows:

  • Upper portion of the front windshield
  • Upper portion of the competition number decal
  • Four stickers measuring 10x20cm max for the front and rear bumpers and left and right body panel.

7.2 Advertising must be complete and in place during presentation of the car for scrutineering.

7.3 All cars participating in any official sessions and races must have all organizers’ advertising in place. Failure to comply may result in the car being prevented from participating in the session, race or the entire event and may be excluded from any official results.

7.4 Advertising on the car in the spaces available to the driver is unrestricted provided the required organizer advertising is respected in full. Furthermore, advertising must not be political, in bad taste, scandalous in nature and must abide by Chinese laws in respect to advertising restrictions.