2012 Circuit Hero One Supplementary Regulations

2012 Circuit Hero One Supplementary Regulations

Zhuhai Motorsports Association


Circuit Hero ---one


  • Entrant - any appropriately licensed incorporated body or individual may enter, subject to Driver and car eligibility.
  • Driver - all Drivers holding valid competition license with a current medical certificate issued by the sporting authority of the country concerned.

Refer to the technical regulation concerned.
5.1 The Race committee has the absolute right to do as follow:
5.1.1 Accept /refuse the entry
5.1.2 Re-classify any car to a higher or lower class in the interests of competition.

5.2 Classes:
5.2.1  A: engine capacity over 3000cc
5.2.2 B: Production cars with engine capacity over 3000cc (minimum weight: 1300kg)
5.2.3 C: engine capacity up to 2000cc
5.2.2 D: GT  (Cars accepted by the race committee)

Sanctioned by HKAA, a Touring Car race meeting, held under the FIA International Sporting Code, National Competition Rules of China together with these Regulations and any bulletins, supplementary regulations and/or final instructions issued by the Race Committee.

7.1        Car Race with count score of series.

7.2        Event dates

Date  Circuit Race
March 16-18 Zhuhai Round 1
June 15-17  Zhuhai                  Round 2
September 14-16 Zhuhai                  Round 3

8.1 Driver Championship for all classes:
The following points will be allocated to the top 8 placed Drivers after each race.

1st:  10 points  2nd:  8 points   3rd: 6 points
4th:  5 points 5th:     4 points  6th: 3 points
7th:  2 points  8th:   1 point    

8.1.1 Competitors must have organizer advertisement in place as specified by art. 6 of appendix A before championship points will be awarded.
8.1.2 All available point score will count for each participant in the Driver Championship.
8.1.3 In the event of a tie between two or more competitors, Championship Sporting Regulation Art 10.1.3 will apply.

8.2 Awards for the Championship
8.2.1 Trophies shall be presented for the top 3 Drivers of each class, if class entries are more than 4.
8.2.2 Trophies shall be presented for the first Driver of each class, if class entries are more than 2 and less than 4.
8.2.3 No trophies shall be awarded if class entry is just 1. The driver will upgrade to join the higher class.

9.1 Championship series entrant must submit their entry before the dead line specified by the promoter. Photographs for entrant, Driver(s) and each of the four crew- members must be attached to the entry form.

9.2 Entry fee is non-refundable. Entry fee is RMB5,000 per driver.

9.3 All entries should be posted to or delivered in person to  
Zhuhai International Circuit Ltd.
Tel: 86-756-3383228

No entry will be accepted 10 days before the race.

The races will be organized in accordance with the followings:

  • The current series sporting regulation.
  • The Technical regulations governing the race series and supplementary regulation issued by the organizer.
  • The specific regulations concerning motor racing circuits as issued by the organizing country.
  • The FIA International Sporting Code and the National Competition Regulations issued by the country concerned.

11.1 The events that count for the series will normally consist of the following:

  • Minimum one race with a maximum distance of 50 km for each race.
  • One official practice sessions with a maximum of 30 minutes each.
  • One qualifying session with maximum of 20 minutes, result will be the grid position for the race.
  • Race start will be a standing start.

11.2 A scrutineering time schedule will be published and competitors will be informed to present their car as per the time assigned. Competitors missed their assigned time slot will subject to Chief Scrutineer arrangement of a new time schedule.

Advertising must comply with the FIA International Sporting Code and with any laws that apply in the country.

12.1 All cars will be required to carry Organizer's advertising. Spaces reserved for Organizer advertising are as follows: Top part of Front wind screen; Top of all number penal; Four 10 x 20 cm stickers for front & rear bumper, left and right body panel.

  • All Cars participating in any official sessions and races must display official advertising as specified by the Promoter; any car not complying with these requirements will be prevented from participating in the event in question or will be excluded from the official results.
  • Advertising on the Car in the spaces reserved for the Driver is unrestricted provided that such advertising does not relate to products competing with those as specified by Organizer.
  • It is strongly advice that Promoter is consulted before any arrangement of personal sponsorship is finalized.

12.2 Advertising is permitted, provided that, in the opinion of the Chief Scrutineer, it does not impair the legibility of competition numbers or the safety of the car, or is not in bad taste. The Chief Scrutineer may refuse to pass a vehicle until any offending advertisement is removed or obliterated.

12.3 All advertisements must be in position before scrutineering.

12.4 Organizer will provide competitors with badges that must be sewn onto Drivers overalls in accordance with the guidelines relating to advertising guidelines attached.

12.5 Competitors must put on cap provided by organizer for podium ceremony.   

12.6 Organizer reserves the right to make use of the results achieved by entrants and Drivers in this series for commercial purposes without the need to obtain their permission to do so or pay them any special fees.