2016 Circuit Hero Supplementary Regulations 2


37.1 If competitors or officials are placed in immediate physical danger by cars running on the track and the Clerk of the Course deems circumstances are such that the track cannot be negotiated safely, even behind the safety car, the race will be suspended. Should it become necessary to suspend the race, the Race Director or the Clerk of the Course will order red flags to be shown at all marshal posts and the abort lights to be shown at the Line.

37.2 When the signal is given, overtaking is forbidden, the pit exit will be closed and all cars must proceed slowly into the pit lane. The first car to arrive in the pit lane should proceed directly to the pit exit staying in the fast lane. All the other cars should form up in a line behind the first car.

37.3 Any cars unable to return to the pit lane as a result of the track being blocked will be brought back when the track is cleared and will be arranged in the order they occupied before the race was suspended.

Additionally, any cars in the pit lane or pit entry at the time the race was suspended will be arranged in the order they occupied before the race was suspended.

In all cases the order will be taken at the last point at which it was possible to determine the position of all cars. All such cars will then be permitted to resume the race.

The safety car will then be driven to the front of the line of cars in the fast lane.

37.4 Whilst the race is suspended:

  • neither the race nor the timekeeping system will stop;
  • cars may be worked on once they have stopped in the fast lane but any such work must not impede the resumption of the race;
  • refuelling is forbidden;
  • only team members and officials will be permitted in the pit lane.

37.5 Unless asked to do so by the officials, cars may not be moved from the fast lane while the race is suspended. A penalty under Article 11.3 a will be imposed on drivers whose car is moved from the fast lane to any other part of the pit lane. Any car which was in the pit entry or pit lane at the time the race was suspended will not incur a penalty.However, if the race has been suspended in the pit lane (see Article 37.2) a penalty will only be imposed on drivers whose car is moved from the fast lane to any other part of the pit lane.

All cars in the pit lane will be permitted to leave the pits once the race has been resumed, and subject to the above any car intending to resume the race from the pit exit may do so in the order in which they arrived under their own power, unless another car was unduly delayed.

At all times drivers must follow the directions of the marshals. 


38.1 The delay will be kept as short as possible and as soon as a resumption time is known teams will be informed by an audible warning and by the pit lane marshals, in all cases at least ten minutes warning will be given.

38.2 Signals will be shown ten minutes, five minutes, three minutes, one minute and finally thirty seconds before the resumption and each of these will be accompanied by an audible warning.

38.3 When the five minute signal is shown all cars must have their wheels fitted and the car must be resting on their wheels, after this signal wheels may only be removed if the car has been moved out of the fast lane or during a further race suspension.

The penalty under Article 11.3a) will be imposed on any driver whose car did not have all its wheels fully fitted at the three minute signal or has any of its wheels changed before it leaves the pit lane after the race has been resumed.

Five minutes before the race resumption time, any cars between the safety car and the leader, in addition to any cars that had been lapped by the leader at the time the race was suspended will be allowed to leave the pit lane and complete a further lap, without overtaking and join the line of cars behind the safety car which left the pit lane when the race was resumed.

38.4 When the one minute signal is shown, engines should be started and all team personnel must leave the fast lane by the time the 30 second signal is given taking all equipment with them. If any driver needs assistance after the 30 second signal he must indicate this to the marshal, when the remainder of the cars able to do so have left the pit lane, marshals will be instructed to push the car into the slow lane. In this case, marshals with yellow flags will stand beside any car (or cars) concerned, in order to warn the drivers behind. Drivers may leave the fast lane in order to pass any car unable to leave the pit lane.

38.5 The race will be resumed behind the safety car when the green lights are illuminated. The safety car will enter the pits after one lap unless:

a) The race is being resumed in wet conditions and the Clerk of the Course deems more than one lap necessary, in which case see Article 36.15.
b) All cars are not yet in a line behind the safety car.
c) A further incident occurs necessitating another intervention.

When the green lights are illuminated the safety car will leave the pit lane and all drivers must
follow no more than five car lengths apart.

38.6 Overtaking behind the safety car is only permitted if a car is delayed when leaving its position in the fast lane and cars behind cannot avoid passing it without unduly delaying the remainder of the field.

Any driver delayed in this way, and who is unable to re-establish the original starting order before he reaches the first safety car line, must re-enter the pit lane and may only rejoin the race once the whole field has passed the end of the pit lane.

38.7 The penalties under Article 11.3 a) will be imposed on any driver who, in the opinion of the Stewards, unnecessarily overtook another car during the lap. During this lap Articles 36.10, 36.11, 36.12 and 36.15 will apply.

38.8 If the race cannot be resumed the results will be taken at the end of the penultimate lap before the lap during which the signal to suspend the race was given.


39.1 The end-of-race signal will be given at the Line as soon as the leading car has covered the full race distance in accordance with Article 5.5.

39.2 Should for any reason the end-of-race signal be given before the leading car completes the scheduled number of laps, the race will be deemed to have finished when the leading car last crossed the Line before the signal was given. Should the end-of-race signal be delayed for any reason, the race will be deemed to have finished when it should have finished.

39.3 After receiving the end-of-race signal all cars must proceed on the circuit directly to the parc fermé without any unnecessary delay without overtaking (unless clearly necessary) without receiving any object whatsoever and without any assistance (except that of the marshals, if necessary).

Any classified car which cannot reach the Parc Fermé under its own power will be placed under the exclusive control of the marshals who will take the car to the Parc Fermé.


40.1 Only those officials charged with supervision may enter the Parc Fermé. No intervention of any kind is allowed there unless authorised by such officials.

40.2 When the Parc Fermé is in use, Parc Fermé regulations will apply in the area between the Line and the Parc Fermé entrance.

40.3 The Parc Fermé shall be sufficiently large and secure that no unauthorised persons can gain
access to it.


41.1 The overall winner will be the car which completes the Race in the shortest time.

41.2 In order to be classified, a car must have crossed the checkered flag and must have completed a minimum of 75% (rounded up to the nearest lap) of the distance covered by the provisional winner.

41.3 The official classification will be published after the race. It will be the only valid result subject to any amendments which may be made under the Code and these Sporting Regulations.


The drivers finishing the race in 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions must attend the prize-giving ceremony on the podium and abide by the podium procedure as directed by the Organiser and immediately thereafter make themselves available for a period of 30 minutes for the purpose of television interviews and the press conference in the media centre situated on the first floor of the pit building.


The awards for each race are noted in Appendix Four.


All drivers are requested to attend the Official Prize Giving on the location and time to be notified in Appendix Five.


45.1 All advertising on/in cars, drivers and teams must comply with the local legal requirements and national restrictions required in order to permit the host broadcaster to transmit the event. If required by the Organizer, all cars must have the official sticker displayed in such a manner as to be visible to a forward facing camera.

The organizers reserve the right to place advertising strip across the top width of the front windshield. The decision for the positioning of this sticker rests solely with the Organizer. No other sticker will be allowed on the front windshield.

Any other in-car advertising, including on the driver’s helmet and overalls, will only be allowed at the discretion of the Organizer. In the event of a dispute, the final decision rests with the Organizer.

All competitors give the right to the Organizer to fit an on-board camera to any car provided that this meets the requirements of the Chief Scrutineer. All cars must provide space for the Organizer stickers to be attached representing the tyre and fuel suppliers and Organizers sponsors.

45.2 All audio/visual rights in accordance with the FIA Regulations and trademarks and copyrights relating the Event are the property of the respective Event’s Organizer.

45.3 All cars must have the starting numbers fitted as required by the Organizer and without modification unless agreed by the Organizer. No additional material or advertising may be added to the start number panels.

45.4 Any identification of a conflicting company to the appointed official company must be removed – both from the car and the drivers’ overalls.


46.1 Black flag (motionless)

With number in white on blackboard.

Signal for the vehicle bearing that number to stop at the pits on the same lap.

46.2 Black & White divided diagonally flag (motionless)

With number in white on blackboard.

Warning of unsportsmanlike behavior.

46.3 Black with Orange disc flag (motionless)

With number in white on blackboard.

Warning that vehicle has mechanical problem likely to cause danger.

Must stop at the pits on the same lap.

46.4 Drive-through (signal)

The driver must enter the pit lane and re-join the race without stopping.


Event Date

  • Pan Delta, Zhuhai, March 18-20
  • Zhuhai, June 17-19
  • Zhuhai, September 16-18

Description of Races

Circuit Hero One Race 1 (Rolling start Procedure) 15 Laps or 40 mins.*
Circuit Hero One Race 2 (Rolling start Procedure) 10 Laps or 30 mins.*
Circuit Hero Two (Standing start Procedure) 10 Laps or 30 mins.*
Circuit Hero Three (Standing start Procedure) 10 Laps or 30 mins.*

(*) Race Time

If the leading driver has not achieved the defined race distance after the schedule time elapsed, the leader will be shown the chequered flag the next time he/she passes the Finish Line. In this case, notification of the last lap will be advised to competitors by the showing of a board on the Finish Line

Championship point

Refer to the supplementary regulation of the relevant series.



The steering lock must be dismounted and the column adjusting system must be locked.

All the above Races will be carried out as according to their own Series Technical Regulations and
General Car Safety Requirements.

The Articles 253 of Appendix J to the International Sporting Code remain applicable, but the articles set out in the present regulations have predominance.