2016 ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs Supplementary Regulations


An event open to bikes in different categories (classes) with the followingsessions:

  • One 60-minute free practice
  • One 20-minute qualifying session
  • 3 hours + 1 lap race


- Classes will be based on the categories of Pan Delta ZIC Superbike Race.

CLASS 1:  Production four stroke from 751cc up to 1500cc
CLASS 2:  Production four stroke up to 750cc

Should more than one registered bike under a team be used, the bikes will share the race number and timing transponder.


a. Entry fee: RMB 4,500

b. Deadline: 18 December 2015

c. Late Entry: Applications for entries received past the deadline may be accepted subject to the approval by the Race Committee and will carry a penalty of 50% of entry fee.


a. Track Time: The maximum duration a rider will be allowed to drive continuously is 45 minutes. Time is measured from the official race start up to the moment the car stops in the pits for a driver change. Subsequent drivers will be timed from the moment the car takes off from their pits up to the moment it stops back in their pits.

For the avoidance of doubt, no driver will be allowed to drive for more than 45 minutes even if he comes into the pits before each 45 minute block is up and subsequently setting off to the track without a rider change.

b. Change of Rider/Bike: A rider who has finished a stint must have at least a 15-minute break before being allowed to drive again.

c. Service Area: During the race, servicing and/ or rider change must only be carried out at the mechanical pits. A bike that is pushed or driven into the pitbox will automatically be considered as an official retirement from the race.

d. Changing rider: Rider or team member must dismantle the timing transponder from the bike and install properly on another motorcycle before returning to the track.

e. A maximum of 4 team crew members will be allowed to service the bike.

f. As a reminder, change of bike and/or servicing the bike is forbidden while a Stop and-Go penalty is undertaking.


a. Engine must be off and rider can not stay on the bike.

b. No other work on the bike is allowed during refueling.

c. Refueling crew must in fire preventive suit and a helmet.

d. At least one team crew member must be on standby with a fire extinguisher ready to act accordingly.


  • Penalties for infringements where a stop and go penalty is prescribed shall be notified to the team within 6 laps of the infringement.
  • The bike penalized by a stop and go must serve the penalty within three laps of being shown the board at the control line (finish line).
  • Should a stop and go penalty not be possible to impose due to the inadequate number of remaining laps in the race, or for any other reason as determined by the Clerk of the Course, a time penalty will be added to the race time instead.
Jump Start  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Passing under yellow – Qualifying  Timed laps cancelled
Passing under yellow – Race  10sec Stop-and-go (or +70s to race time)
Exceeding 60kph pitlane speed limit  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Exceeding allowable number of crew working on the car during a pitstop  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Carrying out work on the car while refueling is ongoing.  Minimum penalty of drive-through (or +60s to race time)


The top three finish positions in each category shall receive trophies.