2016 Circuit Hero 500 Supplementary Regulations


An endurance event open to cars classified in different categories (classes) with the following
  • One 60-minute free practice
  • One 20-minute qualifying session
  • One 500km race + 1 lap (or 3 hours + 1 lap, whichever comes first)
Start Method: Rolling start
Number of allowable drivers per entry: Minimum of 2, maximum of 4.
  • - Classes will be based on engine capacity
  • - Turbo or supercharged engines will carry a factor of 1.7 when computing for capacity.
  • - GT cars, Supercars and others as accepted by the Race Committee shall fall into the Open class category regardless of engine capacity.
Class A:  2,001cc and above
Class B:  1,601cc up to 2,000cc, minimum weight 1075kg (without driver).
Class C:  1,300 up to 1,600cc
Class D:  One-make cars. Minimum of 5 entries
Open Class:  GT, Supercars, and others (as deemed by the Race Committee).
Others please refer to 2015 ZMA Technical Regulations.
3.1: Entry fee: RMB 6,000
3.2: Deadline: 18 December 2015
3.3: Late Entry: Applications for entries received past the deadline may be accepted subject to the approval by the Race Committee and will carry a penalty of 50% of entry fee.
3.4: Re-classification: Within five (5) days after the deadline of entries has passed, the Race Committee shall review and when necessary, re-classify an entry’s class as it deems fit. The decision of the committee will not be subject to protest or appeal.
Any re-classification of an entry will be notified in writing to the entrant. Following notice of reclassification, and within two (2) days of receipt thereof, the option for the entrant to make changes to
the registered vehicle, change the vehicle entry to suit the originally desired class, or withdraw the entry will be respected.
3.5: While nominating a Class, the conformity of an entry is the responsibility of the entrant.
4.1: Track Time: The maximum duration a driver will be allowed to drive continuously is 45 minutes. Time is measured from the official race start up to the moment the car stops in the pits for a driver change. Subsequent drivers will be timed from the moment the car takes off from their pits up to the moment it stops back in their pits. For the avoidance of doubt, no driver will be allowed to drive for more than 45 minutes even if he comes into the pits before each 45 minute block is up and subsequently setting off to the track without a driver change.
4.2: Change of Driver: A driver having finished a stint must have at least a 15-minute break before being allowed to drive again.
4.3: Service Area: During the race, servicing and/ or driver change must only be carried out at the mechanical pits. A car that is pushed or driven into the pitbox will automatically be considered as an official retirement from the race.
4.4: A maximum of 5 crew members will be allowed to service the car.
4.5: As a reminder, change of driver and/or servicing the car is forbidden while a Stop-and-Go penalty is undertaking.
5.1: The engine must be off and driver out of the car.
5.2: No other work on the car is allowed during refueling.
5.3: Refueling crew must wear a fire resistant suit and a helmet.
5.4: At least one crew member must be on standby with a fire extinguisher ready to act accordingly.
6.1: Rental: Refueling rigs of approximately 40 liters in capacity will be available for rent on a first come, first-served basis. Only 15 units are available at rental cost of RMB500 for the duration of the weekend.
6.2: Own Refueling Rig: Teams may elect to use their own refueling rig provided the following are respected:
  • a. Maximum capacity is 60 liters.
  • b. The container may be located overhead and mounted on a sturdy frame.
  • c. Wheel casters may be installed on the frame.
  • d. Fuel must be fed into the car by gravity alone.
  • e. At least one leak proof shut-off valve must be operational.
  • f. The size of the hose or valve is free.
  • g. All rigs must be presented during scrutineering, and must pass inspection procedures.
6.3: Conventional fuel containers may be used provided a nozzle is attached to the container and fuel is fed directly into the fuel filler, subject to presentation and approval at scrutineering.
6.4: Cars in Class D may be allowed to use their own type of refueling rig provided all entries of the class use the same type and has been presented and approved by Chief Scrutineer.
6.5: Class Open is free, subject to Chief Scrutineer’s approval.
7.1: Penalties for infringements where a stop-and-go or a drive-through is prescribed shall be notified
to the team.
7.2: The car penalized by a stop-and-go or a drive-through must serve the penalty within 3 laps of
being shown the board at the control line (finish line).
7.3: Should a stop-and-go or a drive-through not be possible to impose due to the insufficient number
of remaining minutes of the race, or for other reasons determined by the Clerk of the Course, a time
penalty will be added to total race time instead.
Jump Start  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Passing under yellow – Qualifying  Timed laps cancelled
Passing under yellow – Race  10sec Stop-and-go (or +70s to race time)
Exceeding 60kph pitlane speed limit  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Exceeding allowable number of crew working on the car during a pitstop  Drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Carrying out work on the car while refueling is ongoing.  Minimum penalty of drive-through (or +60s to race time)
Trophies shall be awarded to the top three finishers of each class.
Provisional version
FRIDAY, 8 January(星期五)      
1000 – 1700 
Documentation: Competitors must complete documentation before practice
0945 – 1200  AFR Endurance Race Scrutineering / 亚洲雷诺方程式耐力赛 验车  Right Lane / 右侧通道   
0945 – 1200  FIA F4 Chinese Championship Scrutineering / F4 中国锦标赛 验车 Left Lane / 左侧通道  
1400 – 1600  ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs Scrutineering / ZIC 超级摩托3 小时赛 验车 Right Lane / 右侧通道  
1400 – 1630  Circuit Hero 500 Scrutineering / 赛道英雄500 公里赛 验车  Left Lane / 左侧通道  
1100 – 1130  FIA F4 Chinese Championship Drivers Briefing / F4 中国锦标赛车手 Briefing Room / 新闻中心  
1200 – 1230  AFR Endurance Race Drivers Briefing / 亚洲雷诺方程式耐力赛  Briefing Room / 新闻中心  
1400 – 1430  FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛  30 mins Practice 1/ 不计时练习1 
1440 – 1540  AFR Endurance Race / 亚洲雷诺方程式耐力赛  60 mins  Practice / 不计时练习
1550 – 1620  FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛   30 mins Practice 2 / 不计时练习2
SATURDAY, 9 January(星期六)      
0840 – 0900  ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs Riders Briefing / ZIC 超级摩托3 小时赛 车手训话  Briefing Room / 新闻中心
1030 – 1100  Circuit Hero 500 Drivers Briefing 赛道英雄500 公里赛  车手训话  Briefing Room / 新闻中心
0930 – 1030  ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs / ZIC 超级摩托车3 小时赛  60 mins Practice / 不计时练习
1040 – 1110  AFR Endurance Race / 亚洲雷诺方程式耐力赛 30 mins Qualifying / 计时练习
1120 – 1140 FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛  20 mins  Qualifying / 计时练习
1150 – 1250  Circuit Hero 500 / 赛道英雄500 公里赛 60 mins  Practice / 不计时练习
1300 – 1320 ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs / ZIC 超级摩托车3 小时赛  20 mins  Qualifying / 计时练习
1340 – 1410  FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛 30 mins  Race 1 / 比赛 1
1425 – 1625 AFR Endurance Race / 亚洲雷诺方程式耐力赛 120 mins  Race / 比赛
1640 – 1700  Circuit Hero 500 / 赛道英雄500 公里赛  20 mins  Qualifying / 计时练习
SUNDAY, 10 January(星期日)      
0830 – 0845  FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛  15 mins  Warm up / 热身
0905 – 1205  ZIC Superbike 3 Hrs / ZIC 超级摩托车3 小时赛  180 mins  Race / 比赛
1230 – 1300   FIA F4 Chinese Championship / F4 中国锦标赛 30 mins  Race 2 / 比赛 2 
1325 – 1625  Circuit Hero 500 / 赛道英雄500 公里赛  180 mins  Race / 比赛