Consultation Service

1.    Master Planning
Provides a comprehensive site analysis and evaluation which comprises the site topography, local climate conditions, average levels of rainfall etc. Meeting with key stakeholders to achieve preliminary agreement on the master planning. At this stage, client should ensure suitable geographical and topographical survey information is made available for access.

2.    Feasibility Studies & Market Analysis (Optional)
Work with various internationally renowned business consultants to prepare feasibility studies that is imperative to the successful design and operation of the project. The report includes the regional market analysis, evaluation of the construction costs, project phasing, forecast return on investment, etc.

3.    Homologation Design
In China, the creator of a new circuit intended for international competitions shall submit a comprehensive dossier of plans and specifications to CAMF for project approval and submission to the FIA. The Track Circuit Design Dossier will include the preparation of plans in the obligatory circuit dossier format required by FIA for them to assess and approve the plans for design and construction to proceed. 

4.    Detailed Design
​​​​​​​For cost efficiency of the client, we cooperate with the local design institute, by providing them the design information for them to work out the construction drawing in conformity with the local regulatory standards.

5.    Project Management
After to the detailed design phase, we can provide project management services in the form of site visits and remote support to the client. We will play the role of bridging between the CAMF and the client to ensure the circuit construction meets the safety requirement for FIA homologation. Upon request by the client, we will be receiving the FIA and CAMF officials together with the clients during the site inspection before the final FIA homologation certificate is granted. 

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