Speed Hero

Speed Hero (Originally ZIC Superbike Race)

ZIC Superbike Race changed its name to Speed Hero in 2018. ZIC Superbike Race has long been Zhuhai International Circuit's main superbike race. It has a longer history than the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. In the past, apart from motorcycles of engine capacity 600cc or above, there were also smaller engine capacity motorcycles, such as 250cc and 400cc motorcycles. But later these smaller motorcycle competitions began to cease internationally and parts for these motorcycles also ceased production. Therefore when Pan Delta began, ZIC Superbike Race only has superbikes of 600cc or above taking part. In fact the large capacity superbikes race much faster and are hugely popular with the spectators. It has been a mainstay of Pan Delta ever since it became part of the race event.

As the participating teams become more and more professional, many manufacturers and dealers have increased their investments, as they have seen the commercial opportunities presented by Pan Delta. In recent years, whenever a new motorcycle is launched, the manufacturer will race the new motorcycle at Pan Delta as soon as possible, in order to attract the focus of the spectators and motorcycle fans. Speed Hero represents the highest level of motorcycle racing in the country and it is hotly contested by the best local and international bike riders. In order to enhance its safety, from March 2016 Speed Hero has made a big adjustment, 1000cc and 600cc will race separately in the first race and the top finishers in the two classes will get the chance to race in the mixed race on Sunday, which is limited to just 38 starters.

In 2017, the 3 round Speed Hero race series has been upgraded to FIM international race series and attracted numerous foreign riders to take part.