Circuit Hero Time Attack

Zhuhai International Circuit first established “Pan Delta Super Racing Festival” in 2005, after gaining years of experience, it has become one of the biggest and most influential civilian race events in the country. The Circuit Hero race series, part of the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival, is a grassroot race brand created by ZIC in 2006. It is hugely popular among tuning fans and the number of participants have increased year on year.

On 26th May 2013, in order for more race fans to learn more and to provide a platform for information exchange about the “Circuit Hero” grassroot race series, Zhuhai International Circuit established the “Circuit Hero Time Attack” activity for the first time. The activity divide the entries based on the entry model’s type, engine size and transmission system. They are then subdivided into 1600cc, 2000cc, GT, MF (Male and Female) classes. The activity has very simple regulations, the result is based on personal fastest laps in the timed sessions.

Since first established in 2013, Circuit Hero Time Attack has attracted over 2,000 participants. Among them are active Circuit Hero race series drivers such as Xiao Jia-Wei, Lin Yi-Ming, He Wei-Hang, James Tang, Cheng Chun-Hua, Chen Bing-Xiong etc. Some drivers have progressed from Circuit Hero Time Attack to Circuit Hero race series, such as Zu Li-Wen, Liang Yu-Xiang, Wu Wen-Fa etc. Circuit Hero Time Attack is the best platform for drivers to begin their practice. Apart from letting the car tuning fans enjoy themselves, safety is also paramount.

In 2018, Circuit Hero Time Attack went through many changes: participants must wear helmets and gloves and race suits are recommended. This further improves the professionalism and regulations. The requirement on tyres is even more detailed, these detailed improvements have a deep and positive improvement on participating car tuning fans’ understanding of motorsport culture.

In 2019, in order to respond to the car tuning fans’ strong request, Circuit Hero Time Attack will upgrade to a two days event, meaning more track time and fun for the car tuning fans!